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Furnace Installation & Removal

When your old, reliable furnace is ready to give up the ghost, call us, and we’ll help you go over your options. Occasionally, discounts will be available from Fortis that can mesh with your household needs, and we’ll let you know what’s available at the time. There are a number of high-efficiency furnace options, so we can help you with that decision, as well. And have no fear! We will remove and dispose of the old furnace, making it easier to bid it ‘farewell’. Before you know it, your home will be warm and running more efficiently than ever, following a new furnace installation done by our team of heating experts. From start to finish, we'll take care of everything. We do: Free in-home estimates Handling and transferring equipment Installation by fully qualified gas fitters Final safety check Removal of discharge With regular maintenance and servicing, your furnace should last for many years with very few serious issues, but at the end of the day, your furnace is a machine, and all machines eventually break down. CANADIAN PACIFIC technicians have been providing emergency furnace repair services to residents of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 15 years. When your furnace breaks down during the long, cold months of winter, you can count on a CANADIAN PACIFIC technician to be there to help.

Boiler Maintenance & Installation

Never underestimate the importance of boiler maintenance. Your boiler is a key factor in keeping your home life running smoothly. During our long Canadian winters, it keeps you and your family cozy and warm. Not to mention that it’s a fairly expensive appliance, which is among the main reasons you should take good care of it, using our expert boiler maintenance services. You can rely on CANADIAN PACIFIC to take care of things, so you can count on your boiler providing many years of service as a reliable, efficient part of your heating and cooling system.

Fireplace Service & Installation

The fireplace installation professionals at Canadian Pacific Heating and Plumbing have provided excellent service throughout greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 15 years. If it’s time to install a gas fireplace in your new or existing home, our highly experienced technicians will complete the job for you in a timely, cost-efficient, effective manner. We also offer superior gas fireplace repair in Vancouver. Our team is well-known for providing top-rated services to each and every customer in a friendly, responsible, caring way. Nothing is more important to us than our customers, and we look forward to providing you with an attractive, practical new gas fireplace that will not only satisfy, but surpass your expectations and needs.BOILERHot water tank Repair and Installation

Plumbing Service

CANADIAN PACIFIC heat and plumbing serves all of Vancouver, including the Lower Mainland. We offer comprehensive plumbing and drain services, with a focus on drain installation, cleaning and repair; as well as plumbing installation, upgrades, and repairs. Our team of licensed, professional plumbers are experts in Residential and Commercial plumbing solutions. Knowledge & Experience: We have 15 years of experience, which ensures that your needs are met at the highest level. Contact us for a plumbing emergencies, installation, repair and inspection—satisfaction guaranteed. Our Professional, Courteous plumbers conduct jobs with a minimum of disruption to your property, whether it’s at your home or business. All of our plumbers are licensed, insured, and focused on providing you with the best service possible.

Hot water tank Repair & Installation

Is it time to get a new hot water tank for your residential or commercial property? We’ve got just what you need. At CANADIAN PACIFIC, we have both the correct tools and professional technicians to provide top-notch hot water tank installation and repair for home and business owners. At CANADIAN PACIFIC, you can always count on excellent service, regardless of the size or scope of the job. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from our detailed, focused approach to all that we do, and our commitment to your satisfaction. Our team is equipped to evaluate your space and set up a hot water tank to perfectly meet your high standards. And of course, we’ll work as quickly as possible to complete your project in a prompt, timely fashion.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. They save space, lower your energy and fuel costs, AND you’ll never have to take a cold shower again, because the hot water will never run out! We have models that can take care of every home and family, small or large. Why go Tankless? Tankless Water Heater • Continuous hot water • High energy efficiency • Compact, space saving design • Electronically controlled • Exclusive sensing burner technology • Exclusive film wrap overheating protection • Digital thermostat, including a self-diagnostic program • Precision temperature control • Consistent hot water at the right temperature • No hot water storage • Low operating costs • Low NOx emissions on all models • Indoor or outdoor models, according to your needs • High altitude options: up to 6.560 or 9,840 ft. elevations Water Tank

Air Conditioner Service & Installation

Air pollution can pose extreme health threats to those using heating and cooling systems, whether at homes or in the office. Indoor air pollution can be truly harmful, because every breath you take contains thousands of microparticles, including bacteria, germs, pests and mold. That’s why you need the best HVAC technicians, to maintain the cleanest air possible in your comfort zone. It’s not just about good air quality—CANADIAN PACIFIC provides dependable services. When your home feels stuffy and overheated, we provide high quality HVAC repairs. We understand what you’re going through, and we will handle it for you. At CANADIAN PACIFIC, we provide services across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, such as Improved air quality Improved HVAC efficiency Odor elimination Dust control We perform installs and repairs for DUCTLESS / MINI SPLIT AC, and do the same for HVAC AIR CONDITIONING. Air Conditioning System Cleaning - We will clean your fan coil, condenser foils, and filters, maintaining the fresh air you need to stay healthy. Furnace Cleaning – We not only clean out the blower, but also your filter and blower motor. CANADIAN PACIFIC has been providing the Vancouver and Lower Mainland with professional HVAC for 15 years. We want to deliver peace of mind to you via fast, effective solutions to any HVAC issues you’re having, or simply for regular maintenance. When you need a dependable solution to your heating and cooling needs, our professional technicians will arrive on time, quickly and accurately diagnose the issue, and help you maintain a comfortable home or office. Tankless Water Heater

Air duct cleaning

When it’s time to clean your home’s heating and air conditioning ducts, there are choices to be made. Ridding your ducts and vents of dust, dander, molds, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants and allergens is always the smart thing to do. You’ll get more efficient operation from your forced-air gas furnace and central air conditioning system, and benefit from a cleaner, less dusty living space with fewer allergens circulating in the air. You’ll breathe easier, knowing that your air ducts are as clean as the rest of your home. As a leader in duct cleaning, CP provides three service levels. Each level was created to handle a different level of dust build-up, and everything is performed by our professional, well-trained duct cleaning technicians. Regardless of the service you choose, we’ll get it done using the best cleaning technology available, leaving your home with cleaner air ducts. Our advanced cleaning method also uses the air-wand to push debris from each branch duct line into the main trunk line, where it is vacuumed into our van-mounted collection system. After the initial air sweep, the technician will use a pneumatically powered rotary brush to clean even more dust and potential contaminants from the walls of the ductwork. A reverse nozzle moves the debris to the vacuum hose, where it is removed completely. This deeper cleaning is perfect for homes with a heavy build-up of debris, or homes that haven’t had cleaning done for some time. There’s no need to remove the registers, because the air-wand slips into the ducts through the register’s openings. We include a free air conditioner or furnace cleaning in the price, and also look at price reductions when you bundle services together.Air Conditioner

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