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Air pollution can pose extreme health threats to those using heating and cooling systems, whether at homes or in the office. Indoor air pollution can be truly harmful, because every breath you take contains thousands of microparticles, including bacteria, germs, pests and mold. That’s why you need the best HVAC technicians, to maintain the cleanest air possible in your comfort zone. It’s not just about good air quality—CANADIAN PACIFIC provides dependable services. When your home feels stuffy and overheated, we provide high quality HVAC repairs. We understand what you’re going through, and we will handle it for you.

At Canadian Pacific,

we provide services across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, such as Improved air quality, Improved HVAC efficiency, Odor elimination, Dust control We perform installs and repairs for DUCTLESS / MINI SPLIT AC, and do the same for HVAC AIR CONDITIONING. Air Conditioning System Cleaning - We will clean your fan coil, condenser foils, and filters, maintaining the fresh air you need to stay healthy. CANADIAN PACIFIC has been providing the Vancouver and Lower Mainland with professional HVAC for years. We want to deliver peace of mind to you via fast, effective solutions to any HVAC issues you’re having, or simply for regular maintenance. When you need a dependable solution to your heating and cooling needs, our professional technicians will arrive on time, quickly and accurately diagnose the issue, and help you maintain a comfortable home or office.

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