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Air duct cleaning

When it’s time to clean your home’s heating and air conditioning ducts, there are choices to be made. Ridding your ducts and vents of dust, dander, molds, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants and allergens is always the smart thing to do. You’ll get more efficient operation from your forced-air gas furnace and central air conditioning system, and benefit from a cleaner, less dusty living space with fewer allergens circulating in the air. You’ll breathe easier, knowing that your air ducts are as clean as the rest of your home. As a leader in duct cleaning, CP provides three service levels. Each level was created to handle a different level of dust build-up, and everything is performed by our professional, well-trained duct cleaning technicians. Regardless of the service you choose, we’ll get it done using the best cleaning technology available, leaving your home with cleaner air ducts.

Our advanced cleaning method also uses the air-wand to push debris from each branch duct line into the main trunk line, where it is vacuumed into our van-mounted collection system. After the initial air sweep, the technician will use a pneumatically powered rotary brush to clean even more dust and potential contaminants from the walls of the ductwork. A reverse nozzle moves the debris to the vacuum hose, where it is removed completely. This deeper cleaning is perfect for homes with a heavy build-up of debris, or homes that haven’t had cleaning done for some time. There’s no need to remove the registers, because the air-wand slips into the ducts through the register’s openings. We include a air conditioner or furnace cleaning in the price, and also look at price reductions when you bundle services together.

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